Executions in Florida

Source: Death Penalty Information Center
State Name Florida
Death Penalty? Yes
Number of Executions Since 1976 96
Number of Executions before 1976 314
Current Death Row Population 374
Women on Death Row 3
Date Death Penalty Re-enacted 12/07/1972
1st Execution After Re-enactment 1979
Murder Rate (per 100,000) 5.4
Is Life Without Parole an Option? Yes
Can a defendant get death for a felony in which s/he was not responsible for the murder? Yes
Number of Innocent Persons Freed From Death Row 26
Number of Clemencies Granted 6
Region South
Method Choice of Injection or Electrocution
How is the Sentence Determined? Judge may override a jury decision
Location of Death Row(s) Raiford (Women: Lowell)
Clemency Process Governor has the authority to grant clemency on the advice of the Board of Executive Clemency