Wayne Tompkins update …. court orders stay.

The Governor signed a warrant and set the execution date for Wayne Tompkins for October 28.   The Florida Supreme Court entered a stay of execution until November 18.  Since then, the Governor has not acted to reschedule the execution.

There is an excellent possibility that Wayne Tompkins will not be executed on November 18.   There is nothing that I am aware of that could prevent him from scheduling it again, but so far he has not and so there is good reason to be hopeful.

Mr. Tompkins case is another great example of why there should be no death penalty.  His attorney, Marty McClain, was quoted in the newspaper recently:  “This is one of the most troubling cases that I have,” he said. “The evidence against Mr. Tompkins is just absurd.”

Shelia Meehan