Walter Moore: About Danny Rolling: A Message to Opponents of the Death

Friends, we must expect that Danny Rolling will be executed
next Wednesday, October 25, at 6:00 p.m.   If that happens, TCADP will
conduct two events to express our opposition to this killing

A vigil at the Governor’s Mansion at the time of the execution, Wednesday, October 25, 5:50 pm and

A service of
remembrance at the Rotunda of the Capitol at noon the next
day–Thursday, October 26.

Because his crimes were especially heinous, many people who have serious
reservations about the death penalty will welcome the execution of Danny
Rolling.  For some of you, perhaps, opposing this execution is not easy.

But oppose it we must.  We grieve for the victims, their families and
friends;  our service of remembrance will be partly for them.  We hold
Danny Rolling accountable for his crimes, insisting as strongly as any
that he never again be allowed to be a threat to others.  But we oppose
his execution simply because we believe that even in the case of Danny
Rolling, state-sponsored killing as punishment is wrong.

State-sponsored killing as punishment is wrong.  That message will go
out especially clearly when we protest the execution of Danny Rolling.
And that is why I urge you to join us next week, especially at
Thursday’s service of remembrance.   A witness of even two or three
people has power, but the greater our numbers, the more powerful our
message.  Please think about it.