News Update: Hill/Muhammad Execution

From: Mark Elliott,
Spokesperson, FADP – Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty
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Important news about the ClarenceHill/Razzaq Muhammad execution.

The vigil at Raiford last night was attended by over 50 concerned Floridians from diverse religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds…united in their opposition to the Death Penalty. A bus from the Orlando Diocese brought several dozen folks, picking them up at cities across mid-Florida. There were local vigils held around the state.

Media coverage has been extensive with over 300 articles thus far in the press the world over. Not only in Florida and the U.S., but also Taiwan, the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere, people are learning more of the truth about Florida’s Death Penalty. Radio coverage has been wide-ranging. Over 100 radio stations have run news clips with interviews opposing the Death Penalty. As an example, the Rush Limbaugh Show was broadcast on some stations with a news segment that included FADP explanations as to why the DP was “ignorant and unnecessary.”

Editorials exposing the flaws in our Death Penalty system have been printed in the Miami Herald, St. Pete Times and Palm Beach Post…more will likely follow. Please let you thoughts be known and keep up the pressure on our elected officials by sending LETTERS TO THE EDITOR and contacting your representatives.

Thanks to George Bickner and others, News articles are being updated regularly and available at a.k.a. DP in the News

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